my favorite links and the people I enjoy working with:

Joe Brockerhoff, friend and mediamafia college,
is not only a wonderful airbrush-artist, he is a
webmaster. Cheque his social-visions,
projects and gallery.
Here you find Helmut Steinhauser's amazing
photowork of japanese Butho dance. Steinhauser
made my performance-photos „sehnsucht“ tokyo `86,
„evolution“ `87 and „secrets in the dark“, tokyo `89.
She is a wonderful dancer with a strong influence
from Butho. I enjoyed performing with her. – Link is out of order
1st site of Torsten Michels, close friend,
musician and drawing-artist, died in jan. 2001
Powerful drawing- and paintingwork with
a selfconcious aprouch to natural sexuality.
Very lyric and individual photos, self-organizing-
stillifes and videos.
Photographer in fashion, advertising and
editorial. Always helpful with repros of paintings
and good ideas.

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Joerg Kemp, writer, singer, painter, cooperating
together for years. Wrote this wonderful text „infinity“
under dot- and linepainting.
Lovely and strong artist movement, which can
happen and be installed in any place in the world.
founded by Fujio Akai, Irene Lorenz and Jo Schultheis.
Musicproduction of Bojo Klaff and Lutz Boddenberg.
Bojo, a wonderful and helpful specialist and consulter for
Macintosh, PC, Network and Web programming
Uli Leschak, advertising and cultural activist,
writer and publisher.
Very infomative and helpful site to find a position
in cultural questions and definitions.
As a artists and photographer he became famous
through his individual artist-portraits. Thank for his
continous performance-documents. "Fleas are caughing" '86,
"Evolution" '87, "The is laughing" '88, "La belle et la bète" '90.
Rheinschiene aktuell ist Information Serviceportal der Städte Bonn, Düsseldorf + Köln.
Wird gemacht von Tom Kösel.