presstext to introduce the exhibition and performance of the gallery aries, tokyo 1989

lf japanese culture appears to strangers as an 
empire ot signs as noted a contemporary 
european traveller, Wolfgang Schäfer is not the 
one to decipher them literally.
Thus not only because he is less an intellectual 
than an artist, but just as much because as a painter 
and performer he is mainly interested in colours 
and dynamics, in frequencies more than 
in messages.

The works presented in this exhibition testify t
hat asia tor him is rich in these.
His paintings simultanously show preference in 
informel art and uncover a deep fascination in asian 
aesthetics and lifestyle.

Wolfgang Schäfer occasionally sees them 
as diagrams and himselt as a transtormer. 
His approach to asian culture is likewise guided by 
his veracity that is unapt to limit itself and simply 
takes the farest to be the nearest.

Attached by glances of butoh and glimpses of 
asian mysteries, Wolfgang Schäfer set out for his 
first trip to asia in autumn 1986, Looking back on a year 
that had been most prolific in exhibitions 
and performances.

Mainly dwelling in Bangkok, Manila and Tokyo.
The selection of artworks now shown combines to an 
unexpected diary ot that trip.
On the opening day the artist will give a performance 
called “secrets in the dark” to introduce you to the show.